Friday, September 4, 2009

Let's get down to business!

The CIP FORUM 09 conference will take place in a couple of days in Göteborg, themed "The Future Of Innovation". There will be talks about "management of intellectual assets", "building platforms to assure innovation", "new infrastructure adapted to knowledge-driven business creation", "asset value creation process", "contract management" and more!

It's all very good. I guess. But I wish I had the guts to crash the conference, go down there and stand up at the keynote and say:

How many people in this room is a founder of a start-up? Who is actually working at a start-up now, raise your hand!

Expecting no more than a handful of hands, I'd continue:

So, who wants to keep talking about innovation, processes, assets, infrastructure, IP and all that, and who wants to get down to business and do something? Anyone? Come with me if you want to spend the next 24 hours doing just that, bringing an idea into the hands of actual customers. Think: The Apprentice with Donald Trump.

Then I'd leave with hoards of fresh entrepreneurs following me out into a bright new world.

Maybe not.

Now for a more realistic idea: Since 24 Hour Business Camp
in Stockholm is already fully booked, how about doing a Go:teborg version of that? Gothenburg cannot be all about motorized vehicles, please!

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